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Yanina Latorre liquidated Juana Viale for her sailing trip across the ocean: “This hippie thing with Osde drives me crazy”


Yanina Latorre talked about Juana Viale’s trip on a sailboat across the oceanand accused her of doing the hippie when in reality she lives surrounded by luxury.

In the air of Yanina 107.9 (The Observer)the host gave her opinion on the actress’s conversation with Mirtha Legrand this Sunday on the air of Having lunch with Juana (The Thirteen), and sentenced: “This girl… is already delirious. I thought she had gone to record a program, a series… Meanwhile, grandma works. Juana Viale, instead of riding a boat and bathing in the rain, I would be stuck at work. With the salary they should earn… But it costs these girls nothing“.

“They are collecting plastic, it is true that everything is very contaminated, but she is not from the plastic entity in the world,” he said. “At what point in your life did you come to this, and leave three kids to go collect plastics? She lives in Barrio Parque, she is a mega millionaire, she has a home in Miami and Punta del Este… this hippie thing with Osde drives me crazy“he burst out Yanina Latorre.

“There are people who really care about these causes, there are organizations. But this is a group of five millionaires… who get together on a mega sailboat and do the ‘hey, I’ll bathe in seawater’ thing, and take photos, have internet and their concern is the cans. “I would be more worried about the kids,” she added.

What is Juana Viale’s journey across the ocean about?

Juana Viale continues with his ecological journey through the ocean, and this Sunday he contacted Mirtha Legrand and told him details of his sailing trip.

“Juanita, are you in the middle of the sea, of the ocean?” the diva asked on the air of Almorzando con Juana (El Trece). “Today we cross the Equator. We leave from the Canary Islandswe are already crossing the Equator and shortly we would be arriving in Brazil, which is the first final destination“explained the actress through a telephone communication with her grandmother.

“And when are you arriving in Argentina, dear?” he wanted to know. Mirtha Legrand. “Grandma, I want to thank you so much for this bench you’re making for me, I don’t know how I’m going to thank you, how many chocolates I’m going to give you,” Juanita responded.

“We are having a good time, we are taking a sailing trip, we are five crew members, We are traveling throughout the Atlantic Ocean, capturing microplastics from time to time. We are going to analyze all this collection, we are seeing many animals, and documenting life on boardwhat we eat, what we live,” the famous woman explained about the end of her trip.

When the driver asked her if they were close to land, Juana said: “We haven’t seen land for nine days or so, I’ve already lost track of time, I’m not very aware“.

“I am in very good health, we are eating very well. Yesterday we had a storm at night, so we took the opportunity to shower with rainwater. All very nice, but Unfortunately it looks quite plastic when walking., we see plastic bags, boxes, drums, plastic tables, incredible. But then there are very beautiful things like the flying fish, belugas, and dolphins that accompany you. Now, as we approach the coast, there are more birds, different species of seagulls. An unforgettable experience“, he described the journey.

Mirtha Legrand he asked again Juana Viale When will he return to the country to resume driving Having lunch with Juana (The thirteen)and she responded with amusement: “In three or two days we would be arriving in Brazil. When I get to Argentina, I’ll take a plane, I’ll put on my stilettos, I’ll wear Gino Bogani dresses and I’ll come back.“.

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