Yanina Latorre once again targeted Marina Calabró and expressed her “hatred” against her: “Now I understand Pallares, Lussich and Iliana”

Yanina Latorre once again targeted Marina Calabró and expressed her “hatred” against her: “Now I understand Pallares, Lussich and Iliana”

Yanina Latorre attacked again Marina Calabrohis partner in The Observer 107.9, and everything seems to be that there would be no turning back in the good relationship they had after feeling “ignored” after revealing his resignation in Lanata Sin Filtro (Radio Miter.

The conflict began when Marine counted on Radio Mitre which was to be replaced by Tartu in the cycle Jorge Lanata after his resignation, hiding behind the fact that Yanina I had already told it in LAM (America TV) while Rolando Barbano described it as “spokesperson for Radio Miter or Augusto Tartúfoli”.

For this reason, The journalist not only unloaded through LAM (América TV), but he also expressed himself on his networks. After some retweets against Marine where Angel de Brito was ironic and clarified through X that “everything was fine between them”, Tower He said his patience had run out and he had reached its limit.

“I’m tired, I love it. I hate bad colleagues. She’s used me all year. She’s enough of giving her the pass and on top of that she’s messing with my job and treating me as a spokesperson. After she’s asked me all year to sacrifice myself for her and his lies”he clarified.

Yanina Latorre once again targeted Marina Calabró and expressed her “hatred” against her: “Now I understand Pallares, Lussich and Iliana”
Yanina Latorre vs Marina Calabró. (Capture: X)

Besides, Yanina Latorre quoted a tweet from the account of @elejercitodelam with a meme towards Marina Calabro, and safe: “Yesterday he destroyed me in Mitre. What was he up to? The toupee!”

Yanina Latorre against Marina Calabro 2
Yanina Latorre vs. Marina Calabró. (Capture: X)

Finally, she ruled in favor of several journalists and her sister for having conflicts with her: “Now I understand Pallares (Adrián), Lussich (Rodrigo), Iliana (Calachó). I’m very stupid*! The thing is that I’m frontal and she’s a dead fly and cries.”

What happened between Yanina Latorre and Marina Calabro?

Yanina Latorre lashed out at Marina Calabro after counting his resignation in Lanata Sin Filtro (Radio Miter). For this reason, Angel de Brito brought up the topic in LAM (America TV) and stressed that “both of them ignored her and belittled her a little”.

However, Yanina She did not remain silent and launched: “Everything I always find out about her and she lies to my face. She’s my co-worker and I never screwed up.”

“Get both of yourselves (Calachó and Barbano) because you are making fools of yourself in the media all this time and we have been more than good to both of you out of professional appreciation and also out of my affection for Marina”he expressed Angelin support of Yanina Latorre.

Then, the panelist clarified: “I am not a spokesperson for anyone. I gave a fact, a scoop that she did not know. You know very well that no one knew about Tartu”. AND De Brito He agreed with him: “It’s like me telling Barbano, who is the spokesperson for the prosecutor or Burlando, that he gets the police scoop.”

Subsequently, Yanina He told how he found out about the news of his departure on the show Radio Mitre and how he announced it: “When she resigns, I go and find out. I have sources, I worked with Jorge Lanata for a long time. I asked who would replace her and the replacement was there. She didn’t know, and no one knew because I said it as a scoop.”

“She’s such a bitch that I tweeted about it and when I went to the show (in El Observador) I asked her off-air. I’m half-mad with her because I’m a teammate, we do a show together, we talk a lot. I helped her whiten, I whitened when she “He asked me. When he separated, he asked me not to talk about it,” he added.

“She came to the screening and told me ‘I don’t want to talk about the separation’, I respected her… and three minutes later I saw her talking to Karina Mazzocco,” he detailed.

On the other hand, he clarified that “He always helped her in everything” and added“She told me thousands of things that I wouldn’t tell. I know a lot of things about her relationship with Barbano that I wouldn’t tell. I know the reason why they separated.”

“She trusted me, she knows I’m never going to sell her. And one day I started to see that she was lying to my face a lot, but off the air. And then three days later she gave me another version of what had come out. in the media. Everything in a bitch way, you see? And I don’t like bitches that face me and confront me,” sentenced Yanina Latorreleaving his friendship with Marina Calabro.

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