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Yanina Latorre revealed that she will have her own work project: “They have been offering it to me for a long time”


Yanina Latorre He gave a scoop and revealed that he will have his one-person work project for the first time in his entire career as a journalist.

In the pass of Yanina 107.9 to Horacio Cabak in it Observer 107.9the panelist of LAM (America TV) He said: “We add work. Diego (Latorre) works, but it is a culture of work. He is an example for the kids. And now I am doing another new thing that I didn’t talk about much, but this year I am going to do my one-man job. They have been offering it to me for a long time and I just closed it. And I’m going to do it.”

Without giving so many details, he expressed what days they will be: “Saturdays and Sundays, I’m going to do a one-man show. I’ve already decided, I’ve already arranged it.” As she looked at Horacio, he added: “You’re the first person I’ve told publicly.”

“And you know what? Everyone told me Saturdays and Sundays. Yes, sometimes when everything comes together you have to take everything, you never know”the journalist concluded.

Notably, Yanina Latorre She always stood out for being a panelist, but she is also a host on her radio program on The Observer 107.9 and also when he had to replace Angel de Brito in LAM (America TV). However, he always went with his colleagues by his side, and this time it will be the exception with a one-person job.

What did Yanina Latorre say about Rodrigo Lussich?

Yanina Latorre questioned Rodrigo Lussich for criticizing Rodrigo Barbanocouple of Marina Calabro, and called him “colleague neuter” for his mistreatment of certain people.

It is not the first time that the journalist confronts the driver of Partners of the Show (El Trece)given that Lussich spoke several times about the blonde’s personal lifeand also questioned his way of working.

On air in Yanina 107.9 by The Observerwhile making the pass with Marine on the radio (Calabro 107.9)the panelist of LAM (America TV) he expressed to Calabro that “Lussich had ‘hit’ him again in terms of criticism,” and he detailed: “Someone wrote him a note and said ‘what do I care about Marina (Calabró), Barbano (Rolando), that boy I don’t know at all , I don’t know who he is. I don’t know what he does, what he does on the radio.’ A terrible thing.” And she said, very angry: “Peer-nothing”

“Wash your mouth before talking about Barbaro, he’s a hell of a journalist. I’m not saying this out of love. I loved working with Barbano. He was my favorite companion. He’s got you covered, he’s intelligent and he does an entertaining police column. No make a monument to the grave because there are police officers who make you afraid to go out on the street afterwards,” the journalist pointed out.

Without saying so many words, Marine expressed that “repudiation” everything he said and denying that he had not heard anything about the interview he did Lussich, Yanina Latorre He insisted: “You found out. You’re being stupid. And you keep forgiving him. That’s it, it’s time for you to say ‘I don’t want him’. He messed with Barbano. No repudiation, say I don’t want him.”

Finally, Marina Calabro threw a “I love you”and Yanina Latorre He shouted in the sky: “Come on, I did it!”

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