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Yanina Latorre sent Diego Latorre to the front with an intimate revelation: “I don’t know if he wanted me to tell it”


Yanina Latorre sent to the front Diego Latorre in the middle of his radio program with an intimate confession and surprised everyone.

What Yanina Latorre said about Diego Latorre

In Yanina 107.9 (El Observador) were talking about how everyone sleeps dressed, when the host aired something about her husband.

I’m going to tell a story. My husband, which bothers me a little, stopped wearing underwear and wears pants instead.“.

With jeans and pants, he no longer wears underwear. I don’t know if he wanted me to tell it.“she continued tempted Yanina Latorre.

When they asked her if she is not afraid of getting hurt by the closure, the media fired back: “You can see that she has a good aim.” And she clarified: “He does wear the suit with underwear.”

On the other hand, she added sharply: “The good thing is that now when we go on a trip, since I wash his underwear by hand, I don’t have to wash his underwear. I do everything for him, because he is a son of a bitch… “You lazy shit…”

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