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Young boys are blackmailed after sending nude photos – the police ask them to think again


Several boys and young men experience blackmail after sending nude photos online. Illustration photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB

Of NTB | 27.05.2024 11:34:20

Crime and justice: The cases concern boys as young as 14. The boys have been video chatting or sending pictures to what they think is a girl of the same age, but who turn out to be scammers. The police are experiencing an increase in the number of cases, Kripos informs in a press release.

– We see that the problem is increasing. The police are aware of hundreds of cases, but cannot count precisely because there is no uniform way of recording reports. At the same time, this is a typical phenomenon where the numbers of the undercover are large, says police superintendent Tuva Dahlheim at the section for abuse of children in Kripos.

After sending the nude photos, the boys are tried to extort money. According to the police, the perpetrators are organised, the demands for money are higher and the victims are even younger than before.

– Being tricked into sending photos and then pressured for money in a cynical way is seen as shameful and a great burden. For some it has ended in suicide. Therefore, we must try to equip them to make good choices in digital life, so that they do not end up in such situations.

The initiative will provide advice to boys, young men, parents and adults who work with children and young people.

– Firstly, it is important that they know that this can happen to them. It can make them more wary of being exposed to this. In addition, we have advice on what to do if you are exposed to sexual blackmail. And adults must know about the phenomenon and be a safe person the children and young men can tell to get help to deal with this, says Dahlheim.

Dahlheim says it is a great burden for the victims who have been subjected to sexual blackmail.

The police are now asking young boys to think about whether it is a flirtation or whether it is fake before sending off nude photos.

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