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Yuyito González praised Javier Milei when attending the presentation of his book at Luna Park


Yuyito González was one of the celebrities who attended the private event he held Javier Milei at Luna Park Stadium for present your latest book Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap.

Due to the rumors that began to circulate after the rapprochement between both figures, Brenda Di Aloy’s mother explained the reason why she wanted to be present: “I was interested in the book, I wanted to be there”. However, he went further and praised the President, calling him a “cute and smart”.

In this way, he told how he managed to get his tickets: “I came through contacts, I didn’t even know that you had to get accredited so I grabbed the phone and started searching.” He was even surprised by the magnitude of the presentation: “I thought it was just another small event.”.

“How did you get into the dressing room?” Carmen Barbieri asked him very curiously in very morning (The thirteen). Then, he told him: “I entered the Luna with Sandra Pettovello”the Minister of Human Capital whom she met in person when she interviewed the president on her program Start the day (City Magazine).

Finally, Yuyito González commented that he had an exchange with Javier: “They take me to a place, they open a door and it was the dressing room. I didn’t have the slightest idea. Milei was there, as was Karina. I met her and greeted her. We stayed for a while, we shared, there was no catering or anything.”

How was Javier Milei’s presentation at Luna Park?

Javier Milei presented his latest book at Luna Park, Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trapand did a musical show.

This was reported by the presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni prior to the event during a press conference: “Tomorrow at 8 p.m., the president will present his latest book at Luna Park.”

The presentation will have two parts: one where the actual presentation of the book will be, where President Milei will present at a lectern, and there will be another part where President Milei is going to participate in a show where he himself is going to sing and be the relevant figure. Unpublished of course in Argentina“he explained.


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