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Zaira Nara broke down in tears when talking about her children and the difficulty of being a separated mother


Zaira Nara revealed what is the greatest difficulty of being a separated mother and ended up breaking down in tears when talking about the love he has for his children.

The model is currently in a relationship with Facundo Pieres after breaking up her relationship with Jakob Von Plessen, with whom she had Malaika and Viggo.

Then, in an interview with Maru Botana in Zaira at your househe said that Her greatest happiness is “that my children come home. Today, I am separated and it is difficult for me”.

“The other day we interviewed Pampita and asked her how she organizes herself with the boys when she is separated and she told me something that I felt very identified with, ‘you never get used to it,'” she said while breaking down.

Finally, Zaira Nara revealed through tears: “You don’t get used to having to share them, it’s like you say ‘if they are mine’, that is, one is very selfish but you really think My children are mine, why do I have to have them half the time? But, it is an issue that I have to resolve, I cannot be selfish.”

Zaira Nara’s reaction when she found out that Viggo has a girlfriend

Zaira Nara He recorded a video that he later posted on his official Instagram account where your son Viggo, 4 years old, confirmed that “he is dating” a classmate from the garden. In the video, he can be seen painting the carton of an egg maple, a gift that he would give to his girlfriend, and his mother recorded the process.

“Who are we going to give it to?”he asked. “To Isa!” he replied. Alluding to the craft he was making for his girlfriend.

“To your friend? Because you also have a cousin,” said Zaira, alluding to her cousin Isabella Icardi. And the stream host rebuked her son: “What did you want to say in the video?” “She’s my girlfriend!”, Viggo confirmed.

“Is your girlfriend? I already knew! “We love her very much in this house.”Zaira Nara reacted for her son’s partner. “Will you like this gift? You can put your necklaces, your buckles…”, she added for the gift her son prepared.


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