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Zoe Bogach’s tense argument with her mother on Big Brother: “You don’t do anything”


Zoe Bogach is sharing her dream of being famous in the house of Big Brother (Telefe), and this week it was his mother who entered the house to encourage him in the final stretch of the reality show. Thus, last Thursday the two Chinese decided that both would go to the plate, and they are one of the candidates to appear this Sunday in the elimination gala.

However, in the last few hours Aixa (Zoe’s mother) She stated that her daughter was distant from her, and far from getting close, she went straight to arguing with her daughter as a result of being in danger of elimination.

While they watched how JUliana Furia Scaglione asked him to leave Emmanuel Vich, Aixa He reproached his daughter: “VThat’s the way it should be done…don’t get angry.” “No, but don’t say I don’t want to help you run the campaign,” Zoe responded.

Finally, the mother reproached her daughter again: “Well, but time passes and you don’t do anything.” “Ma, what is it to do nothing? answered Zoe Bogach while he left the room to go play with Arturo in the living room.

What did Zoe’s mother say about Martín Ku?

The House of Big Brother (Telefe) It is completely renovated with the arrival of friends and family of the participantsbut in the last few hours, controversy broke out on the networks due to a reprehensible comment by Aixathe mother of Zoe Bogachabout Martin Ku and Arthur the dog.

The incident occurred when everyone was sitting in the living room of the house while talking about their lives. At that time, the cameras DirecTV GO they caught when Arthur stood on top of Facundo, the friend of Martinand the mother of Zoe He made an unfortunate comment: “Oh, he wants to eat it. I mean… Chinese people eat dogs, right?”

Even though no one answered her, the fans did not let the comment go and destroyed her through X. “The biggest mine and makes shit comments. On top of that knowing how much El Chino cares for Arturo. Misplaced and limited”; “Not even Alfa dared to do so”; Poor Zoe, with how calm she was… she is now going to feel ashamed of others “;” Totally misplaced and ignorant “, Internet users wrote.

It should be noted that the nomination gala this Wednesday, May 15, will be to vote for the friends/family of each of the little brothers in a negative way. However, the public will decide who will be eliminated next with their positive vote as has been done on other occasions during the reality show.

Big Brother fans' criticism of Zoe Bogach's mother 1
Big Brother fans’ criticism of Zoe Bogach’s mother

For this reason, fans assure that it could be the end of Zoe Bogach in Big Brother (Telefe), since the mother was always criticized outside the house, and now it could harm the participant after her arrival. “Fly high little Zoe, you didn’t deserve it”; “Bye Zoe, they screwed you with your mom”expressed the users.

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