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Zoe from Big Brother burst into tears due to the harsh criticism of her mother, Aixa Abasto: “It’s difficult to see how everyone thinks”


Zoe Bogach was eliminated from Big Brother (Telefe) and his mother’s entry into the house caused a lot of talk and even worked against him a little.

After the commotion, the young woman burst into tears and spoke about the harsh criticism of her mother, Aixa Abastofor their attitudes inside and outside the most famous house.

On Friday night, Zoe participated in The night of the exes (Telefe) and when they asked him how he took his mother’s impact on social networks, he expressed: “I haven’t talked to her yet, but I’m going to talk. It is a little difficult…“.

The members of the program asked her more questions about it and seeing that she couldn’t answer them because she was distressed, they asked her how she felt. Through tears, the influencer explained: “It’s a little difficult to be in my place and see how everyone thinks“.

“Well, but your mother also thought… she left me looking dirty,” “the cat” Noelia intervened. “I respect you, but I dealt with thousands of things inside the house. I don’t want you to cry, I’m never going to take out the messages I heard, it’s over here. I apologize if I said something about your mother, but that she also retracts it.” , he sentenced.

I think if you stop talking about mom she will stop talking about you.“Zoe tried to defend Aixa.

How much did Aixa Abasto spend to vote for Zoe in Big Brother?

Aixa Abasto revealed in his official Instagram account who invested in Big Brother (Telefe) from his daughter around 8 thousand dollars, that would be about 7 million pesos, and he justified the departure of both by stating that there was a unification of fandoms.

The statements are due to the fact that she responded to the criticisms that have been made for days, since they stated that she was largely responsible for removing her daughter. Zoe Bogach from the house of Big Brother.

“I never gave details of the money voted on my daughter’s plates. This time I’m going to do it: it was almost 8 thousand dollars! Just from my money and some collaborations, plus what you have contributed,” he began.

Zoe's mother revealed how much money she invested in her daughter's money

Finally, Aixa Abasto hill: “Therefore, the conclusion is undoubtedly that there was a unification of fandoms to support other people and overcome our votes. Congratulations.”

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