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Zoe’s mother revealed how much money she invested in her daughter during her stay on Big Brother


Aixa Abasto revealed in his official Instagram account who invested in Big Brother (Telefe) from his daughter around 8 thousand dollars, that would be about 7 million pesos, and he justified the departure of both by stating that there was a unification of fandoms.

The statements are due to the fact that she responded to the criticisms that have been made for days, since they stated that she was largely responsible for removing her daughter. Zoe Bogach from the house of Big Brother.

“I never gave details of the money voted on my daughter’s plates. This time I’m going to do it: it was almost 8 thousand dollars! Just from my money and some collaborations, plus what you have contributed,” he began.

Zoe's mother revealed how much money she invested in her daughter's money
Zoe’s mother revealed how much money she invested in her daughter’s gh

Finally, Aixa Abasto hill: “Therefore, the conclusion is undoubtedly that there was a unification of fandoms to support other people and overcome our votes. Congratulations.”

What happened to Zoe Bogach?

Zoe Bogachthe last one removed from Big Brother (Telefe), left a program in which she was invited, the press was waiting for her outside, but the person who accompanied her did not allow her to stop. However, the young woman’s scared expression was what caught her attention.

Zoe She was intercepted by the LAM camera at the end of a program. But whoever accompanied her was holding her arm, preventing her from stopping to speak. “Did you see that your ex, or your boyfriend, spoke and said he was going to take legal action against your mother?”, the chronicler asked him. And he answered: “He’s not my ex, he’s my boyfriend, sorry I don’t want to talk about this. “I don’t know anything, I haven’t seen anything yet.”

Once the tape is finished, Angel de Brito shot against the production of Big Brother: “The next GH Telefe has to do it in a prison so the notarios can’t get close”. And he added: “They took the girl like a criminal.” “Are they slaves? This is dangerous”he finished Yanina Latorre.

In addition, they noted that Zoe was locked up for five months.

“Then the kids think they are God,” opined Marixa Balli. “The worst thing is that later time passes, and these kids are spit on, they are not even allowed to enter the production company.”expressed by Brito while they debated. “I have rarely seen people taken out in that way on television, what they do seems ridiculous to me, it is absurd,” Marcela Feudale closed on the note to Zoe Bogach.

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