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Zoe’s reaction against Arturo for which they ask for his expulsion from Big Brother


Zoe Bogach He was caught in the crossfire online after making a comment about Arthurthe dog of the house. The player was criticized and many are calling for her expulsion from Big Brother.

What Zoe did from Big Brother

The player was chatting with other participants in the garden of the house when she saw Arturo in action: “No look, he’s crazy, he’s going to hit himself. I don’t know what he’s doing there. He always goes there and stays there.” , He launched. Then, laughing, she added: “I hope he falls into the pool”.

Later, Arturo, who had been playing in the garden and got his paws muddy, jumped onto the couch, near Zoe. At that moment, the young woman let out a tremendous scream. “Arturo, no!” Zoe threw at the dog. “How horrible! He almost stepped on me with his dirty paws,” added Bogach.

Although since Arturo’s entry into the house Zoe has always shown her love for the dog, and many came out to support her showing moments they have spent together, the reaction was not taken as a joke, and instead a flood of Internet users asked the production that expels it.

Let us remember that One of the most important points that Big Brother told them that they should take care of with Arturo, precisely, was that he did not fall into the pool.

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