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Ángela Torres recalled an embarrassing failed date she had with a young man


Angela Torres He is currently promoting his career as an artist and, in this context, She remembered an anecdote about a failed date she had some time ago when she was dating a young man..

Although she did not want to reveal the boy’s identity, the artist said in Rumis (We are the house): “All the dates with that person went badly because it made me very nervous because I liked him a lot. “I was annoyed but you saw when they still have you there.”

“Once I managed to go to his house… it was like always after the mess that the situation was going through, we are already in a bad way. When I entered the house and We started kissing, I got very nervous and I said ‘sorry, I have to go’ and I ran away.“She said embarrassed.

Finally, she assured that she regretted what happened: “When I go out I meet my best friend, who knew I liked her, and she says ‘duh*, what are you doing?’ I don’t know what happened to me and I rang the bell to get back in. And she didn’t answer me“.

What is Ángela Torres’ loving present?

Rusherking and Ángela Torres are the protagonists of a new romance rumorwhich was confirmed by Ángel de Brito but that the singers do not take charge of.

Therefore, they were rebuked by Show Partners (The Thirteen) after They attended the dinner together for the Luis Miguel showand they consulted the ragman about their possible relationship.

However, he preferred to avoid the question and took the opportunity to say that they were going to release a song together soon: “We’re going to release a song, I’ll take this opportunity to promote it. We’re fine”.

For her part, Ángela Torres assured: “We love each other very much.” So the chronicler insisted: “So there is no relationship?” “There is a relationship, of course”he stated.

Finally, they asked her about the reason why Rusherking’s ex-partner stopped following her on social media: “And why did China Suárez stop following you?”. “I don’t know, no idea,” she concluded as she walked away from the place.


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