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Anya Taylor-Joy confessed her desire to work in Argentina: “I’m waiting”


Anya Taylor-Joy surprised by confessing her desire to work in Argentina, and asked to be called soon.

The actress developed her career abroad, and recently held a press conference in Mexico for the premiere of her new film, “Mad Max: Furiosathe prequel to the character that Charlize Theron played at the time.

What Anya Taylor-Joy said about Argentina

There, the Argentine film and series specialist Agustín Eme interviewed Anya Taylor-Joy and he surprised her by giving her dulce de leche and alfajores. “I’m dying! I love it!“, the artist reacted when she saw the food.

“What is ‘finding your way to Anya’s house’?” the journalist asked in reference to one of the film’s themes. “It is always returning to Buenos Aires in some way. Now it’s been two years since I’ve been back and I miss it a lot.“, the model was sincere.

“Argentina loves you, really, and I want to know if you are aware of that. Seriously, I’m telling you; when any photo or video of yours that has to do with Argentina comes out, people love you,” the interviewer continued. “It makes me very emotional. Thank you, I miss you,” Anya expressed.

And he confessed his desire to work in the country: “I would love to, I’m waiting. I work a lot, but I haven’t had a chance yet. I’m dying, call me“.

Anya Taylor-Joy He also opened up and revealed that he would like to make films with Ricardo Darinwhose figure also has weight on the outside.

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