Sunday, May 19, 2024

AP sources: Israeli tanks entered Rafah


Clouds of smoke after an Israeli airstrike against Rafah on Monday. Egyptian and Palestinian sources tell AP that Israeli tanks entered the city on Monday for a limited operation. Photo: Ismael Abu Dayyah / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 07.05.2024 01:44:06

Policy: An unnamed Egyptian official says that the tanks entered Rafah, and that they were about 200 meters away from crossing the border into Egypt. Rafah is located in the very south of the Gaza Strip and borders the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

Furthermore, the Egyptian says that the Israeli operation appeared to be limited in scope, and that Israel had informed in advance that they would withdraw after carrying out the operation. Hamas’ TV channel al-Aqsa reports the same.

Earlier on Monday, Palestinians in Rafah were told to go to so-called humanitarian areas in anticipation of the long-announced Israeli ground invasion, and Israel says that “targeted attacks” have been carried out against Hamas targets in Rafah.

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