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Claudia Neumann wants to have a series about her life as Nicole’s representative


Claudia Neumann plans to launch a series where he tells his story from when she started being her little daughter’s manager Nicole Neumann.

The model broke off all types of relationships with her mother approximately three years ago. after accusing her of keeping his money. For that same reason, he decided not to even invite her to her wedding. Manuel Urcera.

After calling his own daughter “ungrateful” After having raised her as a single mother and having made her place in the media, Claudia insists that her side of the story be known. However, it would seem that there is no footage that she recovered linking them.

In this way, Pepe Ochoa revealed in The LAM Army (Bondi) that “Nicole Neumann’s mother is joining different platforms and “There is one who would be interested in carrying out the series ‘The Representative’ where Claudia Neumann is going to tell the B side of having been her daughter’s representative when she was a girl.”.

What Claudia said after Nicole Neumann did not invite her to her wedding

One of the people who was in doubt about going to Nicole Neumann’s wedding was her mother, who confirmed that she was not invited to the event.

This is what he announced Nancy Duré in Show Partners (El Trece), who contacted Claudia Neumannand informed him why he did not attend the celebration.

Months before the event, the panelist asked him: “Are you finally coming to Nicole’s wedding?“The mother commented very sharply: “I’m not invited“.

In this way, she wanted to know if they had no dialogue between them, but Claudia opted for a peculiar way of answering. He sent a song by Joan Manuel Serrat called “Cada loco con su tema” to reveal his distance from Nicole Neumann.


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