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Furia was sanctioned for her excessive fight with Mauro in Big Brother, and targeted the production


Big Brother (Telefe) sanctioned Juliana Rage Scaglione for his excessive fight with Mauro D’Alessio. The player was outraged by the decision, pointed out the production and demanded that it be extended to the young man.

What was the sanction for Fury in Big Brother 2024

This Sunday, the 5th of Amyo, in the middle of the elimination gala of Big BrotherSantiago del Moro took the step so that Big Brother had all the participants sit down in the living room, referred to Furia’s violent reaction with Mauro, and explained to her that she was severely sanctioned.

“They have absolute freedom to do and say what they want, Even if they express themselves with euphoria, in my house there is no censorship of any kind.”GH’s voice began. And he continued: “The conflict between Juliana and Mauro means a very serious fault. There are situations where a warning is not enough. Juliana will be subject to a severe sanction, from this moment until the end of your stay in the house, she will ALWAYS be on the plate, she will not be able to be saved by the leader, but she will be able to play for being the leader.“.

Fury then asked for a minute to talk. After several minutes, the reality show host gave him the floor. Then Juliana said that, although she thanked the program’s production for taking care of her with her diagnosis, she also criticized the entry of new players into the house and considered that the sanction she received was unfair since “the discussions are of to two.” “The sanction is poorly done”stated the player, who In the midst of his shouts and insults towards Mauro, he pushed him.

“A lot of people think this is armed, but it’s not armed at all. Thanks to production, players came in who want to get us out. I detect it, I’m not stupid. I put one under my wing. “I am grateful to life for opening my eyes,” she expressed.

Then, he pointed out against Mauro: “He keeps crying and I don’t know what he has to say to me because I never treated him badly. I played tastyas they say in The Simpsons,” Fury continued. “I don’t intend to lose my game for him or for anyone. Of the betrayals I had, this is the worst. Because the other day I said that I love him.”Juliana said, adding that she had asked Mauro not to eat where she ate.

Furia raised his voice and explained his anger with the production, thinking that Mauro is some kind of sent to get her out of the house. “I’m going to give you four document letters,” he later told the former rugby player.

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