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Fury used his illness again to obtain a benefit in Big Brother


Juliana “Furia” Scaglione again he played with his illness and used it to obtain a benefit.

Big Brother He assigned a task to the participant: make the whole house get into the pool in order to obtain a piano as a benefit.

What Fury said about his illness

Although Rage had a thousand ways to get the players into the water, he chose the least sensible one: joking about his disease, type 1 leukemia. “I’m going to tell you something, now we are going to be here for five months, and They just told me in the confessional that the study I had that had given me good, now gave me bad results“.

“Since I like to celebrate and I really like water, it occurred to me that everyone come here, because I have to leave the house, I can’t continue playing“, the participant told her classmates, who did not believe her because she had already used lies on other occasions.

“I had told Bauti, he came to tell me ‘happy 5 months’, and they just called me… Posta, I’m talking, why don’t you give me the ball? I should be crying and I’m laughing… I’m cool“he continued.

Finally he confessed that it was a mission to win a piano, and the players asked him not to joke about his health anymore.

Days ago, after Coty Romero left the house, Rage She asked to be called to the confessional because she felt bad. Once inside, Big Brother asked her how she was, and she confessed that she was lying: “I am in good health. I come to do the spontaneous thing“.

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