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Horacio Pagani made an unfortunate comment against a colleague without knowing it was on the air and it went viral


Horacio Pagani He starred in an uncomfortable moment live on TyC Sports when he forgot that he had the microphone open and insulted a colleague.

The journalist is known on TV for his effusive fights with colleagues on air, but this time it was different. Pagani was fondly remembering César Luis Menottiwho died in the last hourswhen he had an outburst directed at Alfredo Leuco.

With Flaco I have five or six of those large square (photos). Walking through Recoleta, making notes with other giles. Even some with the ball… by Leuco“, Horacio Pagani shot, forgetting that he was live.

We are on the air, Horacio“, one of his companions warned him. Although they tried to get out of the tense moment, the discomfort was noticeable because there were long silences and laughter in the background about what happened.

When did César Luis Menotti die?

César Luis Menotti, former soccer player and coach, world champion with the Argentine National Team in 1978, died this Sunday, May 5, at the age of 85.

“Deep pain. The Argentine Football Association regrets to report with great sadness the death of César Luis Menotti, current Director of National Teams and former World Champion coach of Argentina. Goodbye, dear Flaco!”, they expressed through the account AFA official in X.

César Luis Menotti died

Various football clubs and celebrities expressed their pain over the death of Menotti, and even the president Javier Milei shared a message on the network: “RIP. Deep pain for the departure of the leader of a group that has given one of the greatest joys to the country. Although I adhere to another school, it would be foolish to deny the contribution of César Luis Menotti. Goodbye Flaco…”.

Menotti was one of the main figures in Argentine football for being the coach of the first consecration in a World Cup, but also for having been the greatest exponent of one of the styles that marked a before and after in Albiceleste history.

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