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Marixa Balli exploded with indignation against Telefe for letting Arturo continue in Big Brother: “Everything is a shame”


Marixa Balli erupted with indignation against Telefe for allowing Arturo, the rescued dog who entered Big BrotherI continued in the house even though he is suffering.

In LAM (America TV) They were debating the topic, when the panelist, who helps rescue animals, stated: “It’s horrible that they put an animal there, it’s not part of the game. He is a sentient being and he has a bad time“.

“Now he has become attached to El Chino and if the shelter removes him, which is the best thing that could happen to him, he will also suffer separation. What Telefe is doing is pathetic, they don’t play with animals. It’s all a shame“he added.

What happened to Arturo in Big Brother

The constant attacks of Juliana Rage Scaglione with screams and insults, they took them to the animal shelter that rescued Arturo, “Lost Footprints“, to demand through a statement that the dog be returned to them.

From Huellitas we want to express our dissatisfied with the events that are happening in the Big Brother house regarding Arturo; a dog rescued from abusewho entered the program so that it could be its transit home, the participants would provide it with the necessary care that an animal needs and then it would be put up for adoption,” begins the extensive text published on its account. instagram.

Lost Footprints communicated by Arturo

And he continues: “What was the objective? The intention was always to generate a message of awareness about the importance of getting involved, rescuing, transiting and giving up for adoption.”.

In this framework, they explained why they allowed Arthur will enter Big Brother: “The program, one of the most watched on Argentine TV, gave us the necessary screen to be able to give that message, this being the task we do daily with the entire Huellitas team, as well as thousands of rescuers in the country. A work that is more expensive every day and generates an enormous effort, and where the lack of public policies means that we must disseminate and spread the work that is done through the media that do give us the place to do it.

“Today, with what happened, we believe that the decision was not correct, since limits were exceeded, which as far as we are concerned, are not healthy for Arturo. WE ARE WRONG”they stated, referring to the daily angry state of Rage.

“However, Due to the events of extreme violence, which occurred recently, generated among the participants of the reality show, we consider that it is no longer a suitable ‘home’ for Arturo, therefore, we immediately request the production of Big Brother Argentina to return the dog.making available, by this group, a transit home, necessary care and subsequent adoption, subject to its corresponding ‘adoption form,'” they indicated.

From now on we wanted to inform you that the dog was always protected from any type of aggressive act and under permanent control by a team of professionals in the field.Even so, since events of public knowledge occurred, It is no longer a suitable place for Arturo, as it would not be for any animal that suffers from them.
@santidelmoro @telefe @granhermanoar @telefenoticias”, concludes the text quoting the host of the reality show, Santiago del Moroto the program, and to Telefe Noticias.

It is worth noting that Martin Chinese Kuthe participant most attached to Arturo, and whom Arturo chose within the house, confirmed on Sunday during the elimination gala that his intention is to adopt the dog.

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