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Nobody says anything: this was the debut of Nico Occhiato and Flor Jazmín Peña in Spain


Nico Occhiato, Flor Jazmín Peñaand the rest of his companions Nobody says anything (LUZU TV) They debuted in Rialto Theater in Madrid with their usual programming, and decided to share their happiness on social networks.

This is not the first time this has been done, in fact, Luquitas Rodríguez and the band of Stop The Hand (Vorterix) They did the same thing last year when they performed in the same country, but in a smaller theater.

In addition, LUZU TV In April it took its signage to Uruguay where the country’s inhabitants were also able to attend the Theater and enjoy its radio content done right on stage. This is a new trend that all the large Twich Radio companies are doing.

“Today is our first show in Europe, something I never imagined,” Nico commented on his official Instagram account. And in a second story she added: “Keeee????, Nobody says anything on Gran Via.”

Nico Occhiato and Nadie Dice Nada debuted in Spain
Nico Occhiato and Nadie Dice Nada debuted in Spain

Finally, Nico Occhiato shared a post of the final sensations that his first live show in Spain left him: “Madrid, total madness. We can’t believe what we are experiencing. How nice to hear them shout like that.” On Sunday, it will be Barcelona’s turn, the program continues to maintain its fixed schedule, but the shows in the theater were and will be on the weekends.

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