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Odds favorites in Eurovision: Norway is left with little hope


Gåte singles out Swiss Nemo as a strong competitor in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. They themselves are in 12th place on the betting lists. Photo: Jessica Gow / TT / NTB / AP.

Of NTB | 05/07/2024 06:04:42

Culture and entertainment: – We cheer for him a bit, says Gåte vocalist Gunnhild Sundli about Swiss Nemo.

With the song “The Code”, Switzerland is predicted to take second place by the bookmakers before the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

– We played together with Nemo in London in front of 6,000 people, and he is incredibly good live, says Gåte guitarist Magnus Børmark.

The band has already met several of its competitors at pre-party events around Europe. They obviously hope to win themselves, but if it doesn’t go their way, they hope that something they like wins.

– It will taste worse if there is something we don’t think is good, says Sundli.

NTB spoke to them at the end of April, before leaving for Malmö.

Norway’s contribution with the song “Ulveham” from Gåte is down in 12th place at Norsk Tipping. There you get 100 in odds if they were to win, which means that it is considered very unlikely.

Norwegian Marcus & Martinus are predicted to come in 17th place with the song “Unforgettable”, which is Sweden’s contribution. They have odds of 200.

Marcus and Martinus also believe that Switzerland is a strong competitor. They also highlight Croatia and not least the Netherlands, who perform the song “Europapa” by Joost Klein.

– He is very popular around Europe and has a very good base all around. So I guess he will do well, says Martinus about the Netherlands to NTB.

Croatia have 2.75 odds on the song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” by Baby Lasagna. The next three have between 4.25 and 6.50 in odds. The Netherlands is in fifth place with 12 odds.

Last year it was the odds favorite Loreen from Sweden who ran away with the victory.

– I think it will be much more even this year than it was last year, when Loreen was involved. I think it could be a very fun year, and of course it will be a little more difficult for us this year when Sweden won last year, says Marcus to NTB.

– So it will be tough for us, but we are in it because we want to win.

Gåte vocalist Magnus Børmark says that they were there during the final of the Melodifestivalen in Sweden to cheer on Norway’s extra hope.

– We consistently speak Swedish to them when we meet them around, he says.

And adds:

– They are really good. They’re fucking talented. But it’s a different kind of number than us. And that’s what’s cool about Eurovision, that there are so many different qualities in the different acts, says Børmark.

Marcus also speaks warmly of Gåte.

– I think they are good. They stand out a bit from everything else. I have a feeling that there is something that can go very well or the opposite. But of course we hope for the best for Norway. We are Norwegians, we want Norway to do well in Eurovision.

Norway and Gåte will compete in the semi-finals next Thursday, where they will fight for a place in the final on Saturday. Marcus and Martinus are already qualified for the final since Sweden is the host.

At Norsk Tipping, Croatia is now the biggest favorite before the final on 11 May, followed by Switzerland and Croatia. The trend is similar with the international betting companies when NTB took a check on Monday evening.

At the top of the odds list for Norsk Tipping, it is pretty even between Croatia, Switzerland, Ukraine and Italy.

Both Gåte and Marcus & Martinus pay tribute to each other’s songs.

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