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Rodrigo Lussich, very harsh with Nico Furtado after the presentation of his new series Felices los 6


Rodrigo Lussich harshly attacked Nico Furtado after he presented the series Happy 6 (Max), which stars alongside Delfina Chaves.

Although production requested a press conference to launch the new creation of the streaming platform, The actor did not want to answer the journalists’ questionswhich generated discomfort in those who traveled to the place.

For this reason, Rodrigo Lussich commented in Show Partners (El Trece): “Who did you eat Nico Furtado?” “You have been defending him for a long time, But just because he’s a great actor doesn’t justify people who are stupid in life.“Adrián Pallares said very angrily, who made his discomfort clear.

“Well, who did he eat? Because the truth is, how unbearable, how enlarged, how crazy he was in the presentation of a series that he came to do in Buenos Aires and did not give a note to anyone. “It doesn’t explain why you are so chot*,” the Uruguayan journalist continued.

Finally, he even resorted to a phrase used by Laura Ubfal, in which she stated: “Guys, why do you call a press presentation if the protagonists are not going to speak?”

What Happy 6 is about

Max’s new Argentine series, Happy 6will have the participation of great actors such as Nico Furtado, Delfina Chaves, Federico Salles and Malena Sánchez.

It tells the love story between Damián and Carolina where he falls deeply in love and finds out that she practices polyamory. Although Carolina lives with four other people while she enjoys her freedom, in the midst of this relationship she will once again face her jealousy.

The acting present of Delfina Chaves

Paula Chaves spoke about the great success that the series is Maximumwhere her sister Delfina Chaves plays the Queen of the Netherlands, a native of our country.

It has not yet been released in Argentina on the platform Max, since the creators wanted to launch it first in Europe, where it has already been talked about. In this sense, the model guaranteed in Show Partners (The thirteen): “A total pride. Delfi is super studious, super professional”.

Although “I haven’t seen the entire series yet, they are sending me scenes by scene.” For that reason she assured that her sister’s work “is wonderful. I can’t stop seeing her as small as when she was a girl, but what she does is impressive.“.

Finally, Paula Chaves referred to the possibility of following in her younger sister’s footsteps in acting and stated: “It amuses me. I would love to venture into doing a series that has a topic that amuses me and a role that interests me and that I can do well”.


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