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Shields against what people write about the participation in Eurovision


Marcus & Martinus in place in the Eurovision final in Malmö. Photo: Jessica Gow /TT/NTB

Of NTB | 06.05.2024 11:04:49

Culture and entertainment: – It’s like entering an airport when you enter the arena. That’s good, says Martinus and is agreed by his brother Marcus. They are focused on performing in the song competition, and according to TT, have therefore chosen to shield themselves from comments about their participation in Eurovision.

– Of course, war is not good. Nobody thinks so, not even us. But now we have to represent a country, says Martinus.

The Danish artist Saba says that she has received “huge numbers of emails” from people who think she should not take part in Eurovision because Israel is also participating.

– It is very unusual for me. I have explained that I am not responsible for what happens in Gaza, and that I can only take responsibility for my contribution, says Saba, who is in place in Malmö with the song “Sand”.

– I feel I am in safe hands, she says about the security at the event. Australia’s participants, the duo Electric Fields, also agree.

– We trust the entire process around the competition. It’s a human right to demonstrate, and it’s good that people say what they think, says Michael Ross, who together with Zaachariaha Fielding make up Electric Fields. Their contribution is about human contact.

– We believe that is needed, especially in difficult times. We want to remind our fellow human beings around the world that we belong together, says Ross.

In a British documentary broadcast on Tuesday, Britain’s Eurovision artist, Olly Alexander, says that the reactions to his choice to participate have been “very extreme”.

– Many of the participants, including myself, have received many comments that “you are complicit in genocide by participating in Eurovision”, which is very extreme, says Olly Alexander.

– Of course I wish it wasn’t a war or humanitarian crisis. I want peace, and feel really sad and stressed. But I still think it’s a good thing that people come together to be entertained. That’s why I wanted to do Eurovision, he adds The Times.

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