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Singer Baek A-yeon announced that she is pregnant: the announcement photo


South Korean singer and songwriter Baek A-Yeon announced with a photo on the internet that he is pregnant of his first son.

On April 30, the singer Baek A-Yeon She revealed the news of her pregnancy to her fans through a post on her personal Instagram account. “Hello everyone! A beautiful little angel has arrived as a gift to our family! I couldn’t tell you in advance, but half of this 9 month journey is already over, and in 5 months we will meet the baby!“, he put in the post next to the photo of his ultrasound.

Baek A-Yeon
Baek A-Yeon and her pregnancy post

“Push every day for things to be more wonderful and greater than you think,” he added, and revealed that the name of the girl he is expecting will be Yongyong.

Baek A-yeon pregnant
Pregnant Baek A-yeon

Baek A-yeon is a South Korean singer and songwriter, best known for having participated in the first season of the South Korean talent competition K-pop Star and being one of the three finalists.

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