Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The “cocaine tsunami” will hit Norway


The cocaine seizure at Husnes. 150 kilograms of cocaine with a strength of 90 per cent was seized at Husnes. PHOTO: POLICE

Of Egil M Solberg | 07.05.2024 07:22:05

Narcotics: The trial after the biggest cocaine seizure in Western Norway starts today, Tuesday, where four men and a woman from Albania stand accused.

The seizure of 150 kilograms of cocaine took place at Husnes in Sunnhordland. Several defendants in the case at Husnes claim they were unaware of the contents of the car they picked up.

Kripos warns – this is just the beginning

Kripos warns, according to TV2, of increasing use of Norway as a transit country for cocaine smuggling, as criminal networks see the weaknesses in border control in this country.

The indictment on Husnes includes the use of the “mafia clause”. The seizure of the cocaine, hidden under the ship carrying alumina to aluminum works, is part of a growing trend in Europe.

The police in Sweden and Italy have also experienced similar discoveries, the channel informs.

Customs and the police emphasize the need for increased presence and equipment to combat smuggling.


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