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The police brag about the Russians in Kongeparken: Good atmosphere


According to the police, there have been no major problems during this year’s Russian meeting in Kongeparken on Ålgård. Archive photo: Carina Johansen / NTB

Of NTB | 05.05.2024 05:24:01

Education: Around 15,000 Russians from all over the country have gathered in Kongeparken at Ålgård this weekend. According to the police, there are reports of a good atmosphere and no major problems.

– There have been some minor incidents such as disturbances and drunkenness, but it has gone very well, says operations manager Thomas Nordvik in the Sørvest police district to NTB.

He says everything has gone as they expected and is careful to brag about this year’s rush in Kongeparken.

– The Russian has behaved very well. It has been well behaved considering that there are so many people present. There have been no major problems, says the operations manager.

It is the same feedback that the police gave on Saturday night. Even then, the Russian was praised for behaving in a proper manner – and there were only a few minor cases of disorderly conduct and drunkenness that had to be dealt with.

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