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The young Conservative leader wants hash at Vinmonopolet


Ola Svenneby, leader of Unge Høyre, does not agree that more police is the way to go to stop gang crime in Oslo. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

Of NTB | 02.05.2024 06:14:05

Policy: – We have to realize that more police officers are not the solution to breaking gang crime, says Unge Høyre leader Ola Svenneby to VG.

He says that if it were true that more police is the way to go, all countries would do it.

– But it has not worked anywhere. We have to remove the market instead, says Svenneby.

He believes it is impossible to break the backs of the criminal gangs without attacking their markets.

– We can do that by legalizing hashish and cannabis, says the Unge Høyre leader, who believes that people will eventually see that it is better that, for example, hashish is sold at Vinmonopolet or possibly pharmacies.

– The more dangerous a drug is, the more difficult it should be to get hold of. Today you buy hashish and heroin on the same street corner. Then something is very wrong, he says.

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