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These are the best memes left by the premiere of ChildStar, Danna Paola’s new album


ChildStar, Danna's new album, broke the internet Credit: CuartoscuroChildStar, Danna’s new album, broke the internet Credit: Cuartoscuro

This April 11, the wait for fans of Danna Paolathe Mexican pop star of the moment, as it premiered ChildStar, a new album that aims to be the singer’s most personal. The arrival of the discographic work occurs after a series of controversies that have surrounded the interpreter of Agüitamany of them related to his stage name.

“This album is a gift for my fans and me; make peace with many things from my childhood. I was a very lonely girl, my emotions were manipulated all the time. The cover reflects the industry, the pressure and anxiety of growing up in the public eye,” said Danna Paola about ChildStar.


And a few weeks ago, the singer sowed controversy on social networks because she was accused of encourage the cyberbullying to a woman, after an audio was leaked in which she asked her fans to help her make the user @danna on Twitter he will donate his usernamein order to get rid of the ““Paola” as she had already done on other social networks, in her idea of ​​adopting a new stage name that would free her from her past as a child star from the television.


The networks did not forgive and “they canceled” the singer; However, the spotlight is on her now for a much more positive reason: her album ChildStar It broke fans’ expectations and they already rank it as the best work of their entire career.

Of course, the release of the album was reflected on social networks, where the singer invaded the top trends. The fans of Danna Paola They expressed their excitement for the new songs by posting funny and creative memes.


As extra information, these are the songs that make up Childstar: THE FALL, BLACKOUT, XT4S1S, ATARI, 222, PLATONIK, VRT3, 1TRAGO, ACID LOVE, WE HAVE TO TALK, I STILL LOVE YOU, SUNRISE and VRT3 (with Steve Aoki).


Danna Paola began her artistic career at a very early age in Mexico, demonstrating from a young age a notable talent for acting and singing. She made her debut in show business at the age of four, participating in children’s television programs. However, it was her incorporation into the cast of the soap opera Ray of Light in 2000, at the age of six, which marked the official start of his acting career.


Her talent did not go unnoticed, and shortly after she landed one of the main roles in the children’s soap opera Maria Belen in 2001, winning the hearts of the public and consolidating his place in the world of entertainment in Mexico. In addition to her work on television, Danna Paola participated in theater productions, highlighting her performance in the musical Little Orphan Annie.


The musical career of Danna Paola It also started in his childhood. She released her first album, My Blue Balloon, at the age of six, thus beginning his path in the music industry. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, she continued working on various television, theater and musical projects, which allowed her to develop a multifaceted career and become one of the most recognized youth artists in Mexico. His versatility and capacity to connect with the public have been key in her artistic career from her beginnings as a child prodigy to becoming an international star.

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