Thursday, May 23, 2024

They revealed new information about the return of Buenos Aires Trap


He Buenos Aires Trap will be back in 2024 after having held this festival, for the last time, in 2020 while the Covid-19 quarantine was in place.

The agency that produces it Hit Play Live announced that the presentations will be spread over two days of pure trap: on December 7 and 8 in the City Park.

Although they have not yet confirmed the value of the tickets, they announced that there will be a pre-sale for those who are clients of Banco Galicia with the VISA card, which will also allow you have a 20% discount and 6 interest-free installments.

Finally, they shared an access link to register on the official website of the Buenos Aires Trap where you can participate for ten pairs of tickets.

How they announced the return of Buenos Aires Trap

He Buenos Aires Trap announced his return after the great impact generated by the campaign where they filled the streets with banners that stated: “More than a genre, a movement”.

Although his return had not been confirmed, there was beginning to be speculation on the networks that it was this festival since trap, since its beginnings, has been considered a popular movement where artists represented their experiences through music. However, This great show has not taken place since 2020 which was carried out in the midst of the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

In this way, the Dale Play Live agency shared a video where it explained in detail the beginnings of this great genre: “Tectonic movements are called forces that come from the interior of the Earth that act by building and destroying large landforms. Buenos Aires Trap It is the meeting place of an entire movement that emerges from the epicenter of the square, the heart of the kids who, mobilized by passion, sweat and work, destroyed, reconstructed and wrote the history of an entire generation. The movement grew, crossed and broke borders. The square was a pasture and breeding ground for great artists. Buenos Aires Trap It is the voice of the greatest movement of recent times. It is the union of generations, it is the invaded city. Young artists paving the way for those who are going to make history“.

In it, they begin by showing representative images of what would be the center of the Earth until they reach the capital of the country, Buenos Aires. In addition, they recreate moments of the artists who have passed through this stage, as well as Duki, Khea, Cazzu, CRO, Bizarrap, among others. Even when Bad Bunny was visiting.


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