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This week, Mariska Hargitay records episode number 550 as Olivia Benson


Detective Olivia Benson (nearest) has become an iconic TV character, played for 25 seasons by Mariska Hargitay in “Special Episode” or “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. Photo: Netflix / Handout / NTB

Of NTB | 02.05.2024 14:36:11

Economy and business: “Olivia Benson” is the name of the now ten-year-old cat, who has own page on the Taylor Swift Wiki site. The pop star is said to have chosen the name because “SVU” is one of her favorite shows on television. It premiered when Taylor was 10 years old and has been rolling ever since.

This week, episode number 550 of the series is filmed in the streets of New York, reports Variety – which has Mariska Hargitay on the cover with the title “TV’s foremost enforcer of the law”. She has been in all 25 seasons and turned 60 in January.

– It’s the new 25. I feel like I’ve just started, says Hargitay, who is not afraid of his very dedicated fans.

– I feel like I have a completely different kind of fans because of what the series is about. They are so loyal and protective that it feels personal.

In 1999, when Mariska Hargitay accepted the role of detective Olivia Benson in Dick Wolf’s new series, she found out that one in three women are victims of sexual assault. The frightening statistics made her choose to train as a counselor for rape victims.

– The training taught me how I wanted to play my character when it came to what such survivors needed, says Hargitay.

Five years later, the actor started the organization Joyful Heart, which works with survivors of rape, domestic violence and child abuse. And therefore “Olivia Benson” knows what to do when exposed, young women approach in reality.

– Then I step in, says Hargitay.

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