Sunday, May 19, 2024

Traveled to Norway to pick up cocaine


The cocaine seizure at Husnes. 150 kilograms of cocaine with a strength of 90 per cent was seized at Husnes. PHOTO: POLICE

Of Egil M Solberg | 08.05.2024 20:25:08

Narcotics: A large-scale police and customs operation was launched when an Albanian man was stopped at customs with his luggage full of diving equipment on Easter Monday last year.

After the check in Larvik, the man was followed by detectives from the customs and police to a hotel near Gardermoen. There he met several compatriots who had recently arrived in Norway by plane.

After suspicions of parasite smuggling, it was discovered that a ship that had recently arrived at the port in Husnes was the target.

After careful monitoring, 150 kilograms of cocaine were found in bags that were retrieved from the water.

A trial against four men and one woman began on Tuesday, with some admitting partial guilt, while others denied the charges.


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