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Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi bought the apartment of a renowned Argentine model


Luciana Salazar He had to terminate his contract for the apartment he rented in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Therefore, the couple of Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara he took the opportunity to buy it from its owner.

The model lived in one of the most important buildings in Núñez, the Chateau, and in the second most expensive apartment in it due to the 500 square meters it has. Furthermore, the place has overlooking the Monumental stadium of the River Plate club.

As revealed by Paula Varela in Show Partners (El Trece), “the one who bought the apartment that Luli Salazar left is Mauro Icardi. He will move there with Wanda and all the little ones.”

Yes ok “They have one there on the 37th floor, it is much smaller than this one”. Therefore, since Luciana was renting, “what the owner told me is ‘I’m going to sell’, because there are many apartments that are being sold because another tower is being built opposite.”

How is the romance between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

Wanda Nara released her new song, which she dedicated to her husband Mauro Icardi. On this occasion, the businesswoman abandoned the urban genre to mutate to the more romantic side of her.

As shown on his Instagram account, his new single will be called True loveand the video clip was recorded with the footballer as the protagonist of this love story.

In the same You can see the couple building a bonfire while enjoying a glass of wine under the moonlight. In addition, they show their affection through the kisses and hugs they give each other.

In the publication, he tells his followers where this idea came from: “I wrote this song and I need to share it with you now… and know who you would dedicate this to”.


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