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Who are the last two participants of Cuestión de Peso in El Trece


Matter of Weight (El Trece) It returned on Monday, May 6 with 8 of 10 new participants, and due to lack of time they had to leave the two remaining participants until May 7. We talk about Evelyn who works as a babysitter, and Jonathan which he does by working as a building manager.

This edition will have the usual professionals: Dr. Alberto Cormillot, Adrián Cormillot, Estefanía Pasquini, Abril Cormillot and Sergio Verón. The driver, for his part, will be Mario Masaccesi who replaced Fabian Doman and Mariano Peluffo respectively.

Who are the new participants of Cuestión de Peso?

The reality show will have 10 new participants, 10 different stories with the same objective, to lose weight. In it, they will have to meet a High weight to be able to start a healthy life, and then see whether or not to continue in the program. Anyone who does not comply with these measures and does not lose weight will be eliminated from the contest.

Evelyn: “I am 29 years old, I am from Palomar and I am a nanny. “Weight 165.9 kilos”, began with his presentation. Likewise, she highlighted the problems that obesity causes in his body: “Pain in my legs, feet, back, I get tired, and I get agitated quickly. I feel quite limited with being overweight.”

For her part, she stressed that people’s gaze affects her more than it should: ““People’s gaze weighs a lot, it even hurts, it hurts because sometimes it is contemptuous.”

Finally, Evelyn He highlighted that he has been overweight since he was 4 years old, and that in primary school he suffered a lot of bullying. And he added: “I always say that being fat taught me to be humble. “If I had been skinny, I don’t know, I think I would have been a little girl.”

Jonathan: “I am 29 years old, I live in Villa Crespo and I weigh about 153.5 kilos,” began in his presentation. A couple of years ago, he admitted that he is in charge of managing buildings. However, he stressed that he was always the “nice fat guy” that everyone liked, and that is why he was not the object of ridicule.

“My mother was overweight when she was young, but later she was able to reverse it and she maintains it well and in the family group I am the only one who is overweight”held.

What did Mario Massaccesi say about Cuestión de Peso?

The journalist visited Show Partners (The thirteen) and revealed what convinced him to leave his place in the afternoons of TN to go to El Trece with a totally different format: “I found out before it came to fruition, when it was published, but I didn’t know anything and I wasn’t planning on moving Central TN. Two weeks later, they called me and told me I had a week to respond.”

“I left the meeting and said yes. It is listening to the heartbecause your head is starting to tell you no. My heart told me that I had to put into practice everything I propose in my books: let go, jump, get out and move. And that can also be released with love. I love the newscast very much and in Synthesis I’m going to continue, I half-said“he explained Mario Massaccesi.

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