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A famous comedian revealed that she dated Mike Amigorena


Mike Amigorena He is considered one of the great heartthrobs of Argentine television and has always remained very reserved regarding his love life. However, A well-known comedian revealed that she had dated the actor some time ago..

In dialogue with Show Partners (The thirteen), Connie Ballarini He told some details of the relationship he had with the musician: “I was 20 years old and we dated for two months at most”.

For that reason, Adrián Pallares, who knows the whole story, decided to joke: “They were on the verge of getting married, he took her to the altar and she told him no.” “No, I didn’t plant it. I’m not going to marry anyone“, the comedian quickly denied The Guilt Girls.

He even made reference to the invitation they gave him for the program he does with Malena Guinzburg: “In fact, he stood us up now when we called him for the podcast. ‘Hey, don’t you want to go out so we can talk?’, ‘no, thanks,’ he told me. “I’m very happy with my exes, even though they didn’t even become exes.”

“Is he a good guy in private?” they asked him on the floor about Mike Amigorena. Then, Connie Ballarini said: “Yes, I don’t remember either.”

Mike Amigorena’s last public appearance

Mike Amigorena starred in an unusual moment with Gastón Soffritti live, after confessing that he really likes having his eye sucked. “It’s not something sexual. It’s just relaxation, it’s pampering,” he explained.

During one of the transmissions of Loft 1113the streaming program composed of Gastón Soffritti, Ima Rodriguez, Sofi Altuna and Fede Couts, Mike Amigorena revealed: “I love having my eye sucked. It’s not something sexual. It’s just relaxation, it’s pampering. It’s something that makes you sleepy, if not it makes an impression.”

“I prefer that they do it to me. But for the one who does it too, it is a symbiosis. Doing it is also very pleasant.. It is something very intimate, something never experienced.“, he assured. And explained: “The tongue comes into contact with the ball and wow… it’s like it was a bouncy ball. It is a unique experience. You can feel the capillaries“.

After this strange confession, Soffritti agreed to have the actor suck his eye to experience this sensation. “Can this be the end of our career?” the former “Ugly Duckling” shot between amusement and nervousness. Mike then proceeded to pass his tongue over it and Gaston claimed to have enjoyed it.


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