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– A new iron curtain has descended


Of NTB | 19.04.2024 14:43:50

Policy: – I was only twelve years old when this happened, but I realized that something big had happened, said Listhaug about the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Listhaug’s speech to Fremskrittspartiet’s delegates at Gardermoen began with a reference to the end of the Cold War. The party leader drew the lines between Western, individual-oriented democracies and authoritarian, collective-oriented states.

– After the fall of the wall, we all thought we wanted it like us: Freedom and security for the whole people. That the wave of freedom would spread further. It didn’t turn out that way. A new value war is underway. A new iron curtain has descended. Between Western democracies and authoritarian states with dictators at the head, she said.

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