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Agreement on the salary settlement for over 10,000 cleaners


Over 10,000 cleaning workers are covered by the agreement. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Of NTB | 18.04.2024 03:33:05

Working life: The agreement was announced on Thursday night, after two days of negotiations.

– A joint negotiating delegation believes that this follows the front line well, and recommends this year’s settlement, says a statement from the Norwegian Confederation of Workers.

The result includes, among other things, a general supplement of NOK 7 per hour, a low wage supplement of NOK 3.50 per hour, and an addition of NOK 1 to the rates in the collective agreement, and increased supplements for night work and people with professional certificates. The result will now be sent out for voting

– The tariff agreement takes effect for over 10,000 man-years in NHO Service and Trade member companies. The industry has a high proportion of companies with a collective agreement, and all large NHO members in cleaning have entered into a collective agreement, stated NHO Service and Trade when the negotiations started on Tuesday.

The agreement is also generalized, which means that all employees in other cleaning companies must be paid according to the rates, even where the companies are not bound by the agreement.

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