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The Obos numbers give reason for optimism


Boligproduktorenes Forening believes that it gives reason for optimism that Obos is reporting the highest sales rate in over two years. Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB

Of NTB | 01.05.2024 03:44:00

Economy and business: On Tuesday it became known that last week it was sold 125 Obos homes. Not since February 2022 have they experienced a similar pace of sales as in the last week.

To E24 says Lars Jacob Hiim, managing director of Boligproduktorenes Forening, that this is good news.

– It has been a long time since we have had positive glimpses. We are getting cautious signals from several companies that sales are now going somewhat better. But we must remember that we are still at a historically weak level, says Hiim.

New home sales have long been in free fall, and Hiim has previously called 2023 a crisis year for the industry. According to Hiim, the figures so far this year show a flattening, and he believes there is hope that the bottom has been reached.

– The new housing market is far from healthy yet. Even if we get somewhat better signals, there is still a need for assistance from the authorities, mainly through strengthening the Housing Bank and changes in the lending regulations, he says.

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