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Akershus will postpone electrification requirements for the buses


Snow and cold caused major problems for electric buses in both Oslo and Akershus this winter. Now the county council in Akershus wants to postpone the buses’ electrification requirement. Here a bus at the Mosenteret in Nittedal in January. Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB

Of NTB | 18.04.2024 16:53:48

Weather: – We believe that an extension of these contracts is the best solution economically and practically, and it provides more predictability for public transport travellers, says transport councilor Håkon Snortheim (H) in a press release from the county council.

NRK mentioned the matter first. To the channel, Snortheim says that the winter’s bus chaos is the reason why the county council will postpone the electrification requirement.

This winter, tens of thousands of travelers were affected by delays and cancellations in Oslo and Akershus. Much was due to charging problems and the fact that the range of the electric buses was worse than expected.

– We must ensure that we have a public transport system that the citizens and travelers have confidence in. Electric buses have been a bit of a challenge there, says Snortheim.

Ruter’s agreement with bus operators in Romerike expires in June 2027 and in the Western region (Asker) in June 2028. Preparations for new tenders for contracts have begun.

The county council in Akershus has asked Ruter to consider extending the bus contracts in Romerike and in Asker, which means that the requirement for zero emissions is postponed. The requirement, which usually means electric buses, has been planned to be introduced throughout Akershus in 2028.

– Most of the greenhouse gas emissions in Akershus come from the transport sector. The most important thing for us to achieve the climate targets is that even more people travel by public transport, walk and cycle in their everyday lives. We need to get a foot on the ground to see preparedness, finances and trust in the public transport system in context. If the residents do not have confidence that the bus will run, we will in any case not reach the climate targets, says Snortheim.

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