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Alfa’s violent reaction when asked about the police scandal that involves him: “I forbid you to air this”


Walter “Alfa” Santiagoformer participant of Big Brother (Telefe), was involved in a police scandal and refused to speak about it.

Alejandro Castelochronicler of LAM (America TV), asked the man about the alleged episode, but he did not want to answer and rebuked him. “I wasn’t detained or anything. I do not want to talk about that“, he expressed Alpha.

When he saw that the notary insisted that he speak, he told him in a rude manner and hitting his microphone: “I’m telling you that I don’t want to, I don’t have to clarify anything. I don’t want you to air any of this.“.

There is no complaint or anything. I forbid you to put this on the air. You have no idea what happened to me, so I ask you not to air this. If this hurts me, I hold you responsible.“repeated the former Big Brother after getting into his car and forcefully closing the door.

What happened to Alfa from Big Brother

According to what he said Pepe Ochoa in LAM (America TV), Alpha was detained for a few hours after making a loud scandal: “This was a month ago, They accuse him of robbery. He stole a person’s car keys and immediately fled. The person he pushed is not famous, but he reported it. He doesn’t want to testify because he’s afraid of her.”

Then, the panelist read the police report with the details of what happened: “On March 25, at around 6 p.m., when he was traveling in his vehicle, the complainant was going through the Tigre roundabout, a place on Avenida of Nations and Montevideo, when it suddenly hits head-on with a light gray BMW vehicle.

“Given this, the driver of said vehicle He descended from it and, very upset, complained that she had made a bad maneuver. Due to this, the dissident felt fear for her physical integrity and decided to stay on top of the vehicle for protection. She asked him to calm down and that, if he did, she would provide him with the documentation. This man was getting closer and closer to her vehicle and she was becoming more and more he starts the vehicle to travel a few meters and quickly leave the place,” the document adds.

And he concludes: “What happens is that she traveled approximately 1,000 meters and decides to get out of the vehicle. Alfa chased her in the car and confronted her, saying out loud: ‘You’re going to regret it.’ Next act, he forcibly takes her car keys and pushes her. She then boards her vehicle and flees.“.

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