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The RU leader apologizes and has deleted the video in which Støre is referred to as a terrorist


Storting representative Mimir Kristjansson (R) reacted strongly to the youth party leader’s statements. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

Of NTB | 05/04/2024 15:14:10

Crime and justice: – It was very stupid of me, and I shouldn’t have said it. The video has been deleted, she says NRK Saturday.

– I mean it sincerely, that there is a lot of weight in the word “terror”. I should have thought better before I used that word, she continues.

Kaur tells the channel that she understands that she has broken a trust that several people in Rødt had in her, and that she hopes she can regain.

Afterwards, Kaur withdrew the designation for Støre, but maintained it for Stoltenberg and Tangen. In a post on Facebook on Saturday morning, Kaur apologized for calling someone a terrorist.

– It was a derailment to call someone a terrorist, and by doing so I trivialized the experiences of the survivors and relatives. I apologize for that, know that it was absolutely not the intention, writes Kaur.

However, she writes that she believes it is necessary to criticize the Støre government “when they relate passively to an ongoing genocide.”

In addition, the former leader of Rød Ungdom, Alberte Brekkhus, has chosen to resign from the youth party after the statements.

– Today I resigned with a heavy heart from the organization I grew up in, wrote Brekkhus on his open Facebook page on Friday evening.

National board member Pål Berby came out before the video was deleted on Saturday and believed that the financial support to the youth party must be reconsidered after the leader’s statement.

– In that there has not been an apology, and it has not been withdrawn. Then I think it is so far from the values ​​and morals we stand for in Rødt, that there is absolutely reason to look at the support we give to Rød Ungdom, says Berby to NRK.

The apology comes after Kaur published a Tiktok post on Friday in which she labeled Jonas Gahr Støre, Jens Stoltenberg and oil fund manager Nicolai Tangen as terrorists, among other things. In the post, she also mentions Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden.

Rødt’s Mímir Kristjánsson on Saturday hit hard at Kaur’s description of Jonas Gahr Støre as a terrorist and wrote on his own Facebook page that he was both embarrassed and angry. Storting representative Sofie Marhaug also expressed that Kaur missed badly with her outing on social media.

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