Thursday, May 30, 2024

Anamá Ferreira took off her bra in the middle of the night and confused everyone: “It squeezed me”


Anama Ferreira starred in an unusual moment in full live Gossip (Net TV) and his companions did not let him pass.

The former model and panelist was exposed on the air after her partner Faith Flowers notice what she just did while the camera was not focused on her.

I just saw it, this is strong. Anamá just took off her bra, she has it between her legs. She just took off her bra, guys!“said the communicator.

Anama Ferreira

“He squeezed me and I don’t like it,” he apologized. Anama Ferreira. Immediately afterwards she showed the underwear to the camera and his colleagues were shocked.

This is getting out of hand, guys. It’s reaching a limit. Everything went to the grass“, She complained Pilar Smithdriver of Gossip (Net TV).

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