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Barby Franco and her heartbreaking story about the complaint she made to her father: “He put a gun to my head”


Barby Francocouple of Fernando Burlandorecalled heartbreaking moments that he experienced in his childhood and everyone was shocked by his sayings.

What happened to Barby Franco with her father?

Next to Hector Maugeri in +Faces by TV Facesthe model recounted the conflicts she had in her childhood with her father: “My father drank and for me it was normal. Then the physical violence began.”

Furthermore, he revealed that he had no choice but to go to the police: “I was 13 years old and I asked my mother to denounce my father.”

“Once he put a gun to my head because he didn’t like me painting my lips red. After 15 years of therapy, I closed that relationship and didn’t want to know anything more about him.”he detailed.

On the other hand, she said that they were not the only problems she had when she was a girl, although she clarified that “He remembers with great happiness the moments in which he starts to look at his photos.”

“As a girl I ate only once a day. Sometimes, we had to go to a dining room. In the village we helped each other, today that is lost,” he reflected Barbie Franco.

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