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Both booing and cheering for Israel in the Eurovision semi-final


Israel’s Eden Golan was met with cheers and boos in the hall. Photo: Martin Meissner / AP / NTB.

Of NTB | 05/09/2024 22:34:05

War and conflicts: The Swedish newspaper reports Aftonbladet’s reporter in the hall.

Ahead of the semi-final, there have been large demonstrations in Malmö in protest against Israel being allowed to participate despite the war in Gaza.

There was also booing in the hall at the dress rehearsals. Golan said ahead of the semi-final that she is focusing on the positive.

– There is also so much good energy and good vibes from people. I came to give my heart, and give everything to sing and show our voice and represent my country with pride. And that’s all that matters, she said.

She also said that she had not seen the demonstrations in the center of Malmö.

– I have not seen the demonstrations. I’m here, I’m focused on music, joy and love, and that’s what matters today, she told NTB.

On the TV broadcast, it was difficult to hear the reactions in the hall.

– Mixed response in the hall, said NRK’s ​​commentator Marte Stokstad.

The press does not have a place in the hall during the broadcast, and you only get access by buying a ticket.

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