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Coy, Furia’s sister, was spicy with Catalina Gorostidi from Big Brother and they argued live: “Do self-love therapy”


Hammock, the sister of Rage of Big Brother (Telefe)he fought live with Catalina Gorostidi and the former reality show participant threatened her.

What happened between Coy and Catalina Gorostidi from Big Brother?

In the air of Se Picó (Republic Z)the streaming program where he works Gaston Trezeguetboth protagonists were invited and Hammock He pointed out against the ex-little sister: “Cata, for me you live in a parallel universe, and you are constantly mirroring yourself in Fury. Relax a little, have a lime tea and do self-love therapy that will be great for you.”

“Look Coy, I’m not going to tell you anything because the truth is I’m not interested”he answered bluntly Katherine. Then he put her on the spot and explained: “I’m only going to say this and I’m not going to say anything else because I know many things and Fury herself told them to me inside the house.”

However, the sister of Juliana He had no problem challenging her and attacked: “Tell everything. What do you think, that you know my sister better than I do?”

“I’m not interested in exposing low or crazy things. I’m not like that, even if you don’t believe it because you don’t know me,” the doctor counterattacked.

“Then why are you saying it, Cata? Come on, go work on self-love, it’s going to be great for you. Fury can teach you about self-love and meditating and doing nice things,” insisted Hammock.

Without thinking about the matter, Katherine he pointed: “You don’t know me Coy, when Fury tells you what I am as a person outside you’re going to have to shut your mouth, kisses.”

“Cata, I know what you are as a person. You showed it to all of us on TV, so… stop it”Coy said. “I continued collecting the money they voted to enter the playoffs,” continuous Katherine.

Subsequently, Hammock He preferred to respond ironically and said: “I hear a little noise like a fly going around there”. Over there, Gorostidi he remarked: “To bank it because I’m here. What you’re doing seems disastrous to me, sorry.”

“Laugh at life, Cata. What an idiot you are! Cata, you need a dog. You feel so touched. Hold on to a touch, rajá from here”finished Hammock, the sister of Ragewho wanted to have the last word. “Who are you, Coy? Who are you?” he asked himself Catalina Gorostidi.

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