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Damián Moya from Big Brother would be messaging with a former partner from the reality show: “Now that we are both dating it is a great opportunity”


Damian Moya confirmed in the Big Brother stream that is being messaged with Catalina Gorostidi, and he let it pass that he thinks she is very pretty. Likewise, he stated that they would have talked about it at her house and for the moment, they are just messages from her, but the former player seems very “committed” to her.

However, Moya would have been cool with him inside the house, and now that the two are out of it they may start some type of love relationship.

What happened between Catalina and Damián Moya in Big Brother?

“Are you cool with Cata?”he asked Daniela Celis during an interview. “I think we had some human contact, because we were very attracted to each other. “We were not together, but I would like to meet her now that we are both outside, it is a good opportunity,” the participant confessed.

For his part, when he entered the house for the first time, his first hours were full of fights, and one of them was with Catalina Gorostidi. At that time, he was unthinkable the statements at this time.

Lastly, the statements provoked screams from the staff, and Damian Moya opened his heart; “I said inside the house that Cata seemed very pretty to me, we talked about it a little, I’m a little shy and she was capable on camera maybe she didn’t want something either. Now that we are both dating it is a great opportunity. We are already messaging each other.”

Are Catalina and Joel from Big Brother Together?

Catalina Gorostidi and Joel Ojeda inside the house Big Brother (Telefe) did not have a great relationship but, when they were both eliminated, they began to be closer. For that reason, Speculation began about what had happened to their relationship..

So fans started shipping them and, in turn, Various romance rumors were created between them.. However, the doctor clarified what changed between them: “I didn’t know him that much in the first edition and When he left the house we were together a lot and when we entered, as we were in the playoffs, we supported each other and became very good friends.“.

At the same time, he referred to the comments of people who want them to be together: “That’s why there are so many clips of us hugging but, When I saw the shipping, I said ‘Joel, look at this’“. And he took the opportunity to joke: “Well, I don’t know what can happen. Lie”.

Then, Nacho Castañares retorted: “But do you think it’s cute?” “Yes, it’s beautiful Joe. But nothing to see, I love him as a friend

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