Saturday, May 25, 2024

Dramatic change in Big Brother: a former participant leaked how many new players could enter the house


Santiago del Moro announced that this Tuesday something will happen in Big Brother (Telefe) that will completely change the game. Although he did not reveal what it is about, A former participant leaked information that would be related.

How many participants will enter Big Brother?

Was Ariel Ansaldoa contestant from the last edition of the reality show, who told in the streaming All Access that new players could enter the house.

With the six new entries that may come, we have to see how they get along, we have to see how the house resolves. I threw it away today and it went unnoticed.“, expressed “Big Ari.” (Video X: @GranHermano_HOY).

Let’s open this thing that I promised you is very important“, previously introduced Santiago del Moro on Monday night with an envelope in hand.

And mysteriously, he announced: “Tomorrow the red phone is going to ring and it is really going to change the game. Tomorrow the game changes. Not even Laura Ubfal knows“.

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