Sunday, May 19, 2024

El Nueve confirmed when Laurita Fernández returns with a new season of Welcome to Win


Laurita Fernandez returns to El Nueve with a new season of Welcome to Winand from the channel they confirmed the premiere date.

When does Welcome to Win come back?

We are happy, on Monday we start with a new season, with new singers and imitators“, the host is heard saying in the program’s promo, where she appears alongside Hernan Drago.

This way, Laurita Fernández will return to El Nueve on Monday, May 13 at 10:00 p.m.accompanied by Hernan Drago, Coki Ramirez and Damian Avila.

“What happiness to really do Welcome to Win on Channel 9 with @laufer4. A good program with a great host and a great team,” Claudio “Peluca” Brusca, producer of the program and partner of the actress, wrote in X.

It is worth remembering that days ago, the journalist Pablo Montagna had given the information through his X account (formerly Twitter): “New season of Welcome to Ganar with Laurita Fernández on El Nueve starting Monday, May 13“.

The recordings start on Tuesday the 30th. There will be new awards and new juries. The singers, imitators and dance continue“he added.

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