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El Trece confirmed which will be the team of doctors for the new season of Cuestión de Peso


The thirteen is just a few days away from broadcasting the program again Matter of weight as it did for several seasons, and the channel itself announced its return with a very special promotion with the presentation of the team of doctors who will help people and the driver who will be in charge, Mario Massaccesi.

Who will be the doctors of Cuestión de Peso?

“Cuestión de Peso, the healthiest program on Argentine television, is back and comes with a group of luxury professionals,” the presenter began saying.

Then, he revealed the doctors who will be on the program: “The great Alberto Cormillot, his son Adrián Cormillot, his granddaughter Abril Cormillot, his wife Estefanía Pasquini, Sergio Verón and a great team.”

“Next Monday we will return with everything to improve the quality of life of all of us,” he added.

When does Cuestión de Peso start?

The new season of Weight Issue in El Trece It will begin on Monday, May 6 at 2:45 p.m.

What did Mario Massaccesi say about being the host of Cuestión de Peso?

Mario Massaccesi is ready to debut as a host Matter of weight in El Trece, and advanced some details about the program. Furthermore, he was honest and told Because I leave Central TN to take on this new challenge.

The journalist visited Partners of the Show (El Trece) and revealed what convinced him to leave his place in the afternoons of TN to move to El Trece with a totally different format: “I found out before it was finalized, when it was published, but I didn’t know anything and I wasn’t planning to move from TN Central. Two weeks later, they called me and told me I had a week to respond.”

“I left the meeting and said yes. It is listening to the heart, because the head begins to tell you no. The heart told me that I had to put into practice everything that I propose in my books: let go, jump, go out and move And that can also be released with love. I love the newscast very much and in Synthesis “I’m going to continue, I half-said,” explained Mario Massaccesi.

The new season of Cuestión de Peso on El Trece will begin on Monday, May 6 at 2:45 p.m. About this edition, the driver said: “The number of people who wrote to me looking for a bridge to help them live better is impressive. There is a need to continue talking about the subject. It is a service program.”

The stories surprise me, it is the last frontier to live better. We talk about eating well at a time when it is difficult to eat. This year the program comes with a phenomenon that occurred, which was not seen in other seasons, which many young people signed up for. “They are the new generation, who with the pandemic and the little games, have a very sedentary life,” detailed Mario Massaccesi.

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