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Eleven consecutive months of record high global temperatures


April was the eleventh month in a row with record high global temperatures, according to the EU’s climate monitoring service C3S. Here, two Filipinos try to get shelter from the sun in the capital, Manila. Photo: Aaron Favila / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 08.05.2024 04:03:59

Economy and business: The new figures from the EU’s climate monitoring service C3S were published on the night of Wednesday Norwegian time.

The average temperature on Earth last month was 0.14 degrees above the previous April record from 2016, according to the calculations.

The EU researchers note that April was the eleventh month in a row with a record high global average temperature for the respective month.

The natural weather phenomenon El Niño, which helps to temporarily raise the temperature on earth, has weakened in recent months. In mid-April, Australian meteorologists declared that El Niño was over for this time.

Nevertheless, temperatures in the world’s oceans are still at record levels.

C3S director Carlo Buontempo says in a statement that natural fluctuations such as El Niño come and go, while the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere continues to rise.

– This will continue to push the global temperature towards new records.

In Europe, it was particularly warm in the east of the continent in April. In the Nordic countries and in Iceland, on the contrary, it was colder than normal.

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