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Elisabeth Moss revealed the terrible accident she suffered while filming the series “The Veil”


Elisabeth Moss revealed that he suffered a terrible accident during a stunt while filming the series “The Veil”, and gave details.

The incident occurred a few months ago in Istanbul, Turkey, and the actress was left at the scene of the accident for a few hours until they could treat her.

What happened to Elisabeth Moss

In a recent interview with Variety prior to the premiere of the series, Elisabeth Moss He told what it was like when he fractured a vertebra: “The scene that appeared on the program is actually the second time it was filmed, six weeks after the accident.“.

Elisabeth Moss

The first time we filmed, I hit a wall in the wrong direction, let’s say. I ended up lying on the roof for a couple of hours.“he recalled.

It’s underrated how difficult much of the stunt he had to do was.“said the artist’s representative, who confirmed the fracture, and was concerned that filming had continued as if nothing had happened.

We filmed the next day at the airport. “There are scenes from the Paris airport where my back is broken,” Moss said.

I didn’t know if we were going to be able to film on this terrace in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul again. It was not something easy to achieve. Fortunately, we were able to re-film it which was an incredible opportunity,” he noted.

“The discipline and coordination she has made a big difference. I think it was fantastic for the series that she was able to stay in character and keep it in the action scenes,” celebrated the representative of Elisabeth Moss.

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